Move Overseas Now Club Call: Moving to Portugal with adolescents and grown children

On our last “Move Overseas Now Club Call” we dove into the intricacies of relocating abroad with Colleen, founder of Portugal the Place, a relocation scouting service.

Colleen shared her insights on why Portugal became her family’s destination of choice and offered valuable advice for individuals and families considering a move. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or contemplating your first international move, this episode provides essential tips and perspectives on the relocation process.

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1. Choosing Portugal: A Personal Journey

  • Colleen discussed her family’s decision to move to Portugal, sharing how a vacation in 2019 sparked a profound connection with the country’s people, culture, and atmosphere.
  • Highlighted the factors that led to Portugal becoming their first choice over more conventional options like France or Italy.
  • The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic as a catalyst for change, pushing them to pivot and embark on their overseas adventure.

2. Scouting Your Destination: DIY vs. Professional Assistance

  • Colleen emphasized the importance of disciplined scouting when choosing a location, cautioning against the influence of social media and Airbnb experiences.
  • The role of professionals in relocation services and the balance between DIY scouting and seeking expert advice.
  • Tips for maintaining focus during scouting trips, considering both positive and negative aspects of potential destinations.

3. Family Matters: Overcoming Challenges with Kids

  • Addressing concerns related to relocating with children, especially for school-age kids.
  • Colleen shared insights on the common fears families face, such as the unknown, separation anxiety, and navigating a new educational system.
  • The importance of open communication within the family and providing space for expressing fears while balancing excitement.

4. Navigating Family Resistance: Acknowledging and Addressing Concerns

  • Recognizing that family resistance often stems from fear and the unknown.
  • Colleen’s advice on addressing resistance through education, communication, and acknowledging the valid concerns of loved ones.
  • Tips for families to work together in overcoming challenges, fostering understanding, and creating a supportive environment.

5. Relocation Scouting: A Personalized Approach

  • Colleen shared her experiences assisting over 600 clients with relocation to Portugal, emphasizing the need for a personalized approach to meet individual needs.
  • The role of effective communication in understanding client requirements and tailoring relocation solutions.
  • How scouting services extend beyond finding a house, incorporating elements like emergency contacts and local support.

6. Making the Move: Balancing Excitement and Realism

  • Colleen discussed the importance of balancing excitement and realism when making a move, especially in unfamiliar territories.
  • Tips for individuals and families to navigate the transition smoothly and adjust to new cultural norms.
  • Insights on the adaptability required and the satisfaction derived from immersing oneself in a new and enriching experience.

7. Q&A Session: Sharing Experiences and Addressing Concerns

  • Colleen engaged with participants, encouraging them to share their experiences and concerns about moving abroad.
  • Discussed the role of scouting trips and real-life experiences in making informed decisions.
  • Encouraged open dialogue within the community to support each other through the relocation process.

Join us on the Move Overseas Now Club Call – Become a Member and get 2-90 minute live calls a month and bring your questions. Only $47/month. Cancel Anytime.

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