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Hi, I'm Shawna

I’m so happy you’re here! Let’s get to know each other…

Meet me, Shawna! I’m just an extroverted yet sweet normal lady who left America to explore the vibrant culture of Spain while studying abroad, only to fall in love with its lively communities and warm people. I came back to America to work corporate and IT WAS NOT MY THING. 

So I decided to pull the plug on what society had always TOLD me what I should be doing and I listened to my heart for once. Barcelona, Spain was calling.

Don't let your passport hold you back...

Moving abroad not only opened up so many doors for me but I had to figure out how to do it as an American (which is super tough if you didn't know already)

It is not easy moving abroad as an American. There are lots of road blocks and they can get to your head. The visa situation, adjusting to the culture, not having any friends… but THERE IS ALWAYS A SOLUTION! Remember that phrase, “Everything always works out?”… well it does. I met my dear husband Dan, started a web design agency and now help people like you live the life of their dreams abroad.

I have mastered this living abroad life without letting a passport hold me back. I’ve gone through many types of visas and found local and remote work of all kinds from being an English teacher, social media manager, marketing assistant to one of the top female CEO’s in Spain to starting my own web design agency from the comfort of my home in Barcelona, Spain (primarily working with Americans).

My motto that I share with my clients and friends is your mind is very powerful and will guide you to where you want to go. Planning for it properly is only part of the struggle. Jumping all in and mindset is majority of it. 

YOU CAN DO THIS. I am happy to support you and I am so excited for what you are about to embark on.

Are you ready for an up-leveling of your life? When you jump into accomplishing a dream like this you will attract all of these things to your life:

Ways I Can Help You Plan Your New Life Overseas

Pre-departure Planning

Get access to my contacts on the ground! Involves helping you choose a destination that aligns with your goals and preferences, creating a personalized timeline for your move, and identifying any potential roadblocks to a smooth transition.

Cultural Orientation

Moving to a new country often comes with a steep learning curve, especially when it comes to cultural differences. We help you understand local customs and other aspects of daily life in your new home.

Job Hunt Support

Get access to my network! I will assist you with researching potential workplaces and online jobs, starting a new business, creating an effective resume or portfolio, networking with locals, and understanding the laws surrounding work visas.

Housing & Logistics

Get access to my on-the-ground team! Finding a place to live, arranging for transportation, and setting up utilities can be daunting tasks for someone moving to a new country. I will help you navigate these challenges and ensure that your move goes smoothly.

Your Next Steps

Let's Accomplish Your Goal of Moving Overseas!


Step 1

Book a Call with Me

I’ll ask you a few questions to better understand your situation, goals, and expectations, and discuss what it would be like to work together. If it seems like a good match, we’ll dive in, schedule our 1:1 sessions, and get started working together!


Step 2

1-on-1 Coaching Session

I will help you plan & strategize your move abroad, providing guidance on everything from starting a business online, finding remote work to securing a visa & finding a house. Through our 1:1 coaching sessions, you will receive personalized support & accountability to help you make your dream of living abroad a reality.


Step 3

Start Your Dream Life Abroad

The most thrilling and fulfilling adventure begins. Don’t let fear hold you back from exploring new horizons and discovering the world outside of your comfort zone. You’re ready to experience TRUE FREEDOM.

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