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The Move Overseas Now Club​

By joining the Move Overseas Now Club you will actually make your move abroad happen. Members are action takers who work with me bi-weekly on this call. If you want to have a happier life get improved healthcare overseas, gain profound insights into visa intricacies, forge connections on-the-ground and within a vibrant community then this club is for you.



Disclaimer: My competitors are charging way more for a program like this. I’m here to serve without having you break the bank, so that is why you are getting such a kick booty deal on this.

On each call you will not only have live Q&A time with me but you'll learn about all this too:

(which happen every other Sunday)

In-Depth Visa Trainings

From Portugal, Spain, Italy, Malta to Mexico, Panama, Colombia and more.
- learn which visa is best for you
- learn exact requirements
- application processes
-consular processes
-stories and examples

(These consults are normally $197 but you get this same info for free for being a monthly member).

Retiring Abroad

I love working with retirees. Retiring abroad is totally possible and at any age. Half of our members are retirees. 2 recent members in the past 6 months have hired me to help them 1-on-1 and they now have their retirement visas in Panama.

Learn How to Work Remote

I own 2 online business that generate 6-figures+ and am myself inside of the freelance and remote work space.

- Digital Nomad Visa Trainings
- Remote work trainings
- LinkedIn tips
- Top Remote Companies and Job Boards

- Business Trainings

Choosing the Correct Location Based on Your Situation

On these calls you will get chances to tell me about your particular situation and I will make my recommendations regarding visas, your desires, healthcare and more. We strategize right on the call!

Healthcare Trainings

Learn about private and public healthcare in the country of your choice. I go over all the main countries that the community is planning on moving to.

Guest Experts

Almost every call for 30 min I bring on a guest expert to talk about their experience and to take Q&A. Accountants, Attorneys, Real estate agents, Other Families who Have left with kids, financial advisors and more.

Moving alone, Moving with Kids and Pets

You'll learn everything from:
- moving abroad solo (like me)
- integrating the kids
-finding schools
- pet relocation trainings
- + more

The Emotional Ups and Downs

Moving abroad comes with its fair share of emotional ups and downs. But the beauty of this community and the Move Overseas Now Club is that we're here for each other, every step of the way.

And the list goes on…. And for all of this I normally charge $$$$ thousands for in my 1-on-1 coaching. This Club normally is $297 a month but for a limited time I have reduced the entry to ONLY $97 per month. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity.

(Cancel anytime)

Here's What Our Club Members are Saying:

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Casey and I have been working together on her remote work journey with her ultimate goal to move abroad as a remote worker in the next 6 months! She already has received multiple internal referrals through the LinkedIn and outreach strategy we are using!
Casey Forbes
Moving to Spain/Italy
The support and encouragement you offer through this process of retiring and moving to Portugal has been invaluable. Your every other week Move Overseas Now Club calls have been informative and extremely helpful in connecting us to resources needed in our new home and facilitating the process.
David Hunt
About to Retire to Portugal
By working together with me, Kim has successfully been able to get her retirement visa in Panama in as little as 3 months!
Kimberly Kelly
Retiree in Panama
The zoom Move Overseas Now Club calls have also helped me and my husband stay focused and committed to our ultimate goal. We particularly like the fact that you are not focused on any specific demographic and treat all participants with respect. We also appreciate that you freely give extra time for interesting and informative conversation and are not driven by a clock. We feel like we have connected with you in a lasting way and welcome the future opportunity to meet in person.
Jana Hunt
About to Retire to Portugal

Here's another peak inside the Move Overseas Now Club:


2 - 90 minute group trainings with Shawna/mo w/ access to ALL THE REPLAYS

Personalized Live Q&A each call (basically like a personalized 1-on-1 session with me)

Be part of an Exclusive Moving Abroad Community (people are taking action in my group and not just talking about it)

Personalized guidance to get you into action (visas, relocation, healthcare, remote work, taxes, finances and more)


Connections with my on the ground teams

Network, Make Connections and hold each other accountable

You can make this move abroad happen. Is it hard? Yes, if you do it alone. Does it require work? Yes, if you don't have help. That is why this club created to make it 10x easier for you.

What clients say about me

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"You asked about limiting beliefs in our session. Everyone has them. A lot has to do with money, of what life is supposed to look like, how safe it is to stay in our safe little bubbles….you made it clear that taking the leap is more than doable."

Lauren G.

"You have such a great presence and are so positive and kind and encouraging- I thought you were great. It was so good to see people doing it even if they don't have everything perfectly planned out and they are a bit scared. "

Dawn S.

"I'm a remote worker & I loved it. Especially loved the steps & practical exercises you gave on how we can get going. You make me want to travel the earth again Shawna. Badass training."

Keanu B.

So what are you waiting for?

I normally charge thousands of dollars for this information in my 1-on-1 coaching and it won't be at this price forever. You deserve this!

Join me to get all the tips & tricks myself and my experts share in this monthly container...

Again, this is what is included for this limited time offer:

(Compared to $297 normally)

Learn from someone twice a month who has spent the last 10+ years traveling and working abroad...

If you have been thinking about moving abroad for a while... this is your SIGN!

After chatting with other living abroad experts, it is definitely safe to say that 10% of people who say they want to live abroad actually do it. The time is now to push you forward!

Let’s go! This is your sign! Join the Move Overseas Now Club.

It's time to get into ACTION!

Here are some of our past trainings inside of the club calls:

arnitha webb
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